So we recommend using the longest antenna you possibly can! 2 WILSON 305 495 2000 B TRUCKER CB ANTENNA 10" SHAFT,12FT DUAL COAX,BRKT,STUDS. The Wilson fiberglass Silver Load antenna also has a tunable tip for easy SWR tuning and is available in 2', 3', 4' and 5' lengths. Not recommended for heavy-duty or off-pavement use as they are prone to break when impacted. The antenna gets its "Silver Load" name from the 18-gauge silver-plated wire used to increase performance by reducing resistive loss. Fast Shipping, 120% Satisfaction Guarantee! 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - 2 WILSON … That being said, 4' antennas are the most popular choice of pickup truck and off-road vehicle owners, while 5' antennas are more often found on larger trucks and semis. You'll need a no ground CB antenna package! or Best Offer. You can't go wrong picking it for just about any use - … Most commonly used on semi trucks or vehicles that stick to the asphalt. Wire-wound Fiberglass CB Antennas : Tests Show Wilson Fiberglass Antennas has more Power Gain than K-40, Firestik® II Or Francis. TECHNICAL & INSTALLATION RESOURCES | 80,000+ SATISFIED CUSTOMERS Without it, your CB system simply won't work. $24.15 shipping. 0 bids. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on, Wilson Silver Load FGT Antenna with tunable tip, An all-purpose antenna backed by Wilson's five-year warranty, Features a tunable tip for easy SWR tuning, Guaranteed to perform better than your current fiberglass antenna, 18-gauge silver-plated wire to reduce resistive losses, Exclusive impedance matching transformer lead. Manufacturer: WILSON R ANTENNAS. FIRESTIK K-4A CB RADIO … The Wilson … FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $75+ TECHNICAL & INSTALLATION RESOURCES80,000+ SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. This unique design means Wilson antennas will last and last in the most rugged of travel… no matter where you use them. WILSON R ANTENNAS 305-485 3FT FGT SERIES FIBERGLASS WHIP. Designed to be permanently mounted to a building or mounting pole, these large antennas offer significantly better performance and range than shorter, vehicle mounted antennas. Dozens of fiberglass CB antennas from Firestik, Wilson and ProComm for your truck, Jeep or Semi! Can also be used with cars and vans, although magnetic mount antennas are often a better option. CB Antennas The Wilson Flex Fiberglass Antenna Patterned after the proven performance of the Wilson FGT fiberglass antennas, the Wilson Flex antenna out performs all similar types of top … Shop our complete line of CB radio antennas for sale, including complete kits, fiberglass, magnetic and more, to get you up and running. TECHNICAL & INSTALLATION RESOURCES80,000+ SATISFIED CUSTOMERS, Our favorite 3’ magnet antenna, ideal if you have height limitations but want great range, This 62” magnet antenna is an easy install and is rated best in its class for range, Outperforms all other fiberglass, base-loaded and center-loaded antennas, making it our top recommendation for best-in-class range, An all-purpose antenna backed by Wilson's five-year warranty, Extremely flexible design is a great option for off-road antennas that often take a thrashing, Everything but the radio comes with this hood channel mounting kit, Big-rig drivers looking for a high-quality, high-value CB antenna system should make this kit their top choice, Our top pick for professional drivers who needs a high performance antenna, An ideal kit for professional drivers who want a top-notch CB that comes with everything for a fast install, The ultimate antenna for professional big-rig driving, Count on uninterrupted communication in any weather with our top performing center-loaded trucker antenna, A quality mid-sized antenna that offers excellent range and performance, Our top recommendation for a permanently installed base-loaded antenna, Rated for 5,000 watts, this antenna can handle serious, high-powered radios, 36" replacement whip fits the Wilson Little Wil mag antenna, Replacement cap for your fiberglass Wilson FGT Silver Load antenna tip, A 62" replacement whip that will fit the Wilson 1000 and 5000 antennas, A 49" replacement whip fits the Wilson 2000 and Wilson 5000 Trucker series antennas. Wilson … The most popular type of antenna we sell, fiberglass antennas are extremely durable and can be mounted just about anywhere when paired with the right mount. A great choice for pickup trucks, off-road 4x4s and heavy duty mining / construction equipment. 4 Foot Wilson Flex-4 305-4FD Fiberglass CB Antenna - BLACK . Wilson fiberglass antennas are perfect for either single antenna or dual co-phased setups. It's designed specifically for the CB user needing an antenna that can handle rigorous … In Stock. Wilson 5000 Hi Power Magnet, Mag Mount CB Radio Antenna NEW! Note: Antenna mount not included. Wilson Antenna 305-483 Overview The Wilson 3' Silver Load FGT Series fiberglass whip in Black, features Wilson's Tunable Tip that allows for fine tuning SWR and resonant frequency. Magnetic antennas offer solid performance, an easy installation and include everything you need (coax, mount & antenna) in one package. Use with pick-up trucks, Jeeps, off-Road vehicles, semis and commercial equipment. The Firestik FS is hands-down our favorite fiberglass CB antenna. Next on our list is this … Wilson is our favorite brand of magnetic mount CB antennas, They also offer an extensive line of fiberglass antennas, including the popular Wilson FLEX, Click "Filter Products" below to find the right Wilson antenna or learn, Wilson Silver Load Professional CB Antenna Kit, Wilson Trucker 2000 & 5000 Replacement Whip. Durability is their only downside as their thin, metal whip won't last long if it's frequently getting hit or snagged. Non-Magnetic, Requires a separate NMO mount - 901150. Have a RV, boat or vehicle without a substantial metal chassis? Wilson is our favorite brand of magnetic mount CB antennas They also offer an extensive line of fiberglass antennas, including the popular Wilson FLEX Click "Filter Products" below to find the right Wilson antenna or learn more about antennas … They're perfect for pickups trucks, SUVs and cars. This is a 100% personal decision! Ending Friday at 8:47AM PDT 4d 17h. Wilson CB antennas offer silver-plated copper wire for superior power and the broadband antenna allows for easy tuning. Choose your favorite color, or what goes best with your vehicle. Wilson Top Load CB Antennas 3' Silver Load FGT Series Fiberglass Antenna 3' Silver Load FGT Series Antenna Tunable Tips Allows For Fine Tuning SWR & Resonant Frequency 3/8" Diameter … The 4' Superflex 1500 Watt fiberglass antenna whip has 180° action capability and a Superflex 1/4 fiberglass rod. Wilson Antennas: Wilson is part of a family of brands such as RoadKing, Solarcon, Francis, RoadPro, Diesel, and More! Free shipping. Firestik … Watch. 4.3 out of 5 stars 16. WILSON 305-486 4-ft Silver Load Fiberglass Antenna. Wilson designed this antenna with an exclusive impedance matching transformer to give good SWR without sacrificing power gain. Shorter whip versions are available, too, if 102" is just too much but you like that classic whip look. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. The whip is tunable with a top loaded coil, 1/4 … The antenna gets its "Silver Load" name from the 18-gauge silver-plated wire used to increase performance by reducing resistive loss. 3) Wilson Fiberglass remove cap and raise the stinger 4) K-40 Fiberglass Slide the tuning sleeve up 5) Wilson … Wilson uses 18-gauge silver-plated wire to reduce resistive losses and increase performance. 39 $34.99 $34.99. 15 watching. Wilson Antenna is a popular CB antenna brand preferred by many. Wilson … The Wilson Silver Load FGT antenna has long been a favorite of CB users. This is one of the few CB antennas that is made specifically for picking up NOAA weather channels, if you have a weather ready CB - the Wilson FGT SilverLoad line is going to be the … $4.09 shipping. Wilson antennas are popular with truckers for their high quality and durability. Wilson 305311SS Stainless Steel Heavy Duty CB Antenna Spring $15.52. The 3/8 … 2) Firestik, Road Pal, and cheap truck stop antennas add length with a spring, quick disconnect or extension shaft. For anyone who is looking for a lightweight, reliable, durable, and … A great choice for mounting a high-performance CB onto the trunk of your vehicle, One of our top recommendations for mounting a high-performance CB to the trunk of your vehicle. Watch. Wilson 5000 Trucker CB Antenna T5000 Series is the World's Most Powerful Center Loaded Mob.. Ask for a Wilson FGT fiberglass … 4' Flexible Silver Load Series CB antenna fiberglass whip with "Tunable Tip" allows … FireStik 4 ft Black Firefly. TECHNICAL & INSTALLATION RESOURCES | 80,000+ SATISFIED CUSTOMERS The Wilson Flex is extremely similar to the FGT series, with the added benefit of antenna flexibility. Wilson offers CB antennas, studs, CB antenna … K40 Electronics SF-400 . Ships from and sold by Range(s) are provided for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. Francis 300-CB26B Black 5.5' Hot Rod CB Antenna. Kits come with all the parts, including mounts, … This holiday season, online shopping … Wilson 305-700 Aluminum CB Antenna Mount with Gum Drop Stud. With 62.5" WHIP Works with 50 Ohm amplifiers and accessories. It comes with a five-year warranty from Wilson! Lot Of 2- 3 Foot White Wilson Fiberglass Tunable CB Antenna FGT-3 5/8 Wave 750w. More Buying Choices $29.93 (8 new offers) Wilson 305-700 … Here are the approximate ranges you'll get with different length antennas. Designed as a vehicle exterior antenna. Wilson antennas are furnished with installation and tuning notes and instructions on optimizing your CB antenna for best in class performance. 36" replacement whip for your Wilson 500, 1000, 2000 or 5000. Details. $32.39 $ 32. STRYKER SRA10 10 Meter Mirror Mount Antenna, 1.08 Pound. 18-gauge silver plated copper wire to … Shop Wilson Antennas Wilson Antennas 4-ft Flex Silver Load Series CB Antenna Whipundefined at Lowe' The longer your antenna, the better your CB system will perform. Manufacturer WILSON R ANTENNAS. Popular with big rig drivers, center load antennas offer outstanding performance while offering extreme mounting flexibility. Wilson is one of few manufacturers that have a full line of antenna mounts including roof, truck, and magnetic mounts. Antenna uses male 3/8" x 24 thread, compatible with all standard CB studs and mounts available. If the FGT doesn't outperform your current fiberglass top-loaded antenna, Wilson will refund your money (see manufacturer's website for full details). (9) 9 product ratings - Wilson 880-900802B W1000 Roof Top Mount Mobile CB Radio Antenna Kit 62.5" Whip FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $75+ $35.00. The FGT series includes a tunable tip, making antenna tuning as simple as twisting a knob. It's beefy, works extremely well and is made right here in the USA. The FGT line of Wilson antennas has several attractive features and is guaranteed to work better than any other fiberglass antenna in its class.