Jacob and MIB were raised by Mother (Alison Janney), after she killed their real birth mother. No. Why does only one specific bearing get you off the Island? "Hey, let's not kill each other's daughters, eh?" ANSWERED : How does the Man in Black intend to "destroy the Island"? Why weren't Michael, Walt, Lapidus, Eko or any of the other characters at the Church? - What were 'The Rules' that were spoken about by Ben, Widmore, MIB and Jacob? The same place The Man In Black showed up. What's my point? Is it an answered prayer? On the other hand, Jack, the balanced one, was our hero. What's the deal with the frozen wheel? Do the writers even know? some of your questions have been answered or don't need answering because they were not pertinent to the story. A mystery which didn't need an answer in the grand scheme of things, but sparked huge debate among fans at the time. QUESTION 4: Did that bomb ... do something? Both protectors wanted the other dead, but neither could kill the other. (esp. - Why did MIB decide to kill Eko and not others? Passwords and mainframes and security and other hacker reasons. The Smoke is bound to the Island, not connected to it. It was about marking her as a traitor, for being a traitor. Mother was this being, and she also had the power of Jacob: to make rules, to give others abilities, etc. However, Libby was killed off a couple of episodes later, and the link with Hurley was never explained. - Why did Frank, Ben and Sun not travel through time? Best to get that out of the way first. The cabin was a place that moved around seemingly at random. The likely cause for this false theory is that over the credits of the finale, ABC chose to show images of the crashed plane in silence, with no characters around. QUESTION 3: OK, but what's the deal with Walt? Sun and Jin died together. Nothing happened for about a season and a half, certain characters existed, etc. Many of those mysteries were answered by the creative team led by showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. OK, so it you google "unanswered questions of Lost" you'll come upon many, many, MANY articles on not just the unanswered questions, but "Lost apologists" trying to answer them. Sad already, and then Locke spent the entire end of the series looking like the villain. As Ben once said, "All those listssssssss." Early inhabitants of the Island, of Egyptian descent. Eventually, Hurley the Jacob and Jack the Smoke Monster will die, and Walt will become the new Island Protector. Smokey was created from the Source of the Island and is bound to it. Hurley lived a life just as long, but he never changed forms. So after Jack was consumed by Light and Water, where did we next see him? Probably Naomi. To keep Desmond and Kelvin alive, so they could keep pushing the button. He ballooned to the Island and eventually died. I am a “Lost” apologist. What are the "rules"? This is in another category of question that doesn't work. "Yeah, I like my daughter." He knew about the Hatch because he was special and had premonitions and powers and such. He turned the Failsafe Key in the Hatch and was blasted with magnetic, nuclear and Magic Life radiation. There was a woman named Regina on the freighter. The Claire he saw was just a really pretty version of Sawyer. - Why did Christian Shephard appear to Jack and Michael off the island if MIB couldn't leave? If the survivors can set off the nuclear device Jughead, the Magic Island Energy will neutralize and the Incident will be avoided. You lose some of yourself. Where's Christian Shephard's body if it's not in the casket? If you want to learn more about Midi-chlorians and who Boba Fett's father is, just get the Expansion Guide. We didn't see the shootout from the other perspective, but we also didn't need to. If you're going to lie, sprinkle some truth and seemingly random details in there to make it more believable. Jacob had many lists. There are rules they don't understand and things at play that they can't comprehend. It needs Jack to go back. In it, the Island is dead at the bottom of the ocean. Although one would assume that she would be on Jacob's side rather than the MIB, she was hugely instrumental in Jacob's death, as she was the one who made sure Locke's body returned to the island, thus allowing the MIB to take his form. Lindelof spent the next few minutes explaining to the interviewer that everything on the Island happened in real life and the show was not, in fact, purgatory. This suggests there was a relatively small pocket of time where pregnancy issues began on the island, and only for those who were living there for some time. In other words, "You're next.". The answer to why Walt was special? What happened to Ben's childhood friend, Annie? Everything that happened, happened. Lost: 15 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes The Show Left Hanging. The person needs to be dead, though, as The Man In Black was dead when he reached The Source. He sacrificed himself because he knew the Water and Light would kill him. Who decided to kill the Others in a purge? It was the Others posing as him to get Michael to come to them. Who is the Economist and why did Ben want him dead? Our protagonist Jack started out as a man of Science, and he saved the world after he learned to balance his beliefs with his new found Faith in the Island. Obviously. Of course, all Lindelof had to do was show him a line from the finale: "Everything that's happened to you is real." Who are these people? If the light at the Source of the Island ever goes out, everything ends.". Ben asks his butcher friend who was watching Locke's body if Gabriel and Jeffrey have checked in yet. They saved the world. Nora Quoirin, 15, died nine days after she went missing from a holiday resort in the Malaysian jungle in August 2019. His column appears the fourth Friday of the month. You forgot Sayid, and they got to the 1970s because they were Candidates and because of Magic Time Island. (Author's Note: I allude later on that Jack eventually became The Smoke Monster. How does Mikhail keep coming back to life? Back in the '70s, the bomb didn't go off. They were taken and assimilated by the Others. While other questions are interesting thoughts that science may possibly be able to answer now or in the future. That's an answer, too. The Mother and The Monster, and basically all of it. Why did Widmore tell Ben to kill Rousseau and her baby, and why did he then let Ben keep it anyway? Beauty. However, as I sit down to think about what questions truly NEED to be answered in its final season, I am somewhat shocked to find it seemingly boils down to ten questions - some simple, some complex. The writers say they’ve now answered every Lost question imaginable And this time, it was a Security System that wanted to stay. As Jack's father says, the people in the Church were there because the time they spent together was "The most important time of their life." In this splat, the characters can say goodbye and forgive each other before returning to the Magic Light and Water that creates all life. or "What's up with [any number of things]?" of a letter, question, or…. Magic is actually the answer to many Unanswered Questions, and if you hate that fact, then LOST just wasn't for you. And furthermore, what's the deal with there being a freighter? Two realities that exist at once, and occur because of each other. The finale gave almost all of the characters perfect, appropriate send-offs. Who attacked Sayid, and why did he have Kate's address? as he died? Also, the characters did the thing because that's the thing they did. Into the Water and Light. How did they get there? DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. Since the beginning, the central argument in the show was about Science vs. Maybe it was something to do with Cynthia Watros's unexpected departure to a DUI incident, who knows. But then, because Jack was now finally dead, a new Smoke Monster burst from The Source. She loved them both. Furthermore, do you really need me to explain why someone on LOST was confused? ANSWER 3: Also, what's the deal with airplane food? It was apparently meant to simply allow the audience to reflect on the series, not to claim anything about the plot of the show. We eventually discover that Christian was actually the Man in Black/smoke monster, so it appears he was at least renting the cabin for a period. Because time works differently on the Island. So who was living there and why? He lost a bit of himself, and each time Locke or Kate touched him in the Sideways, he got a little closer to remembering his life before the Smoke. Copyright ©2005-2021. Jacob, or someone else. To understand this, we need to understand the nature of Time in LOST. There is more to this, but basically whenever we saw Christian in a suit and white shoes, it was Enlightened Christian Shephard who was going back and forth between the Sideways and Real World, trying to help the survivors survive and save the world. Only the really clever ones, or the people who think they’re clever can actually answer these. Why do dogs' barks sound like barks? Now that I'm officially creator-approved, let's get to it. Lost: 9 unanswered questions and unresolved issues we still have today. Season 1 of Netflix's Equinox saw reporter Astrid back in her podunk Danish town trying to discover the secrets behind the disappearance of her sister, Ida, over two decades prior.Following clues laid down by characters like Jakob and the few survivors of the bus crash from which Ida and several … What did Mr. Eko mean when he said, "You're next?" At another, his legs got crushed underneath a giant metal door. Every other character had one moment when they remembered everything that ever happened to them. A man who worked for Widmore. Because he's a wise-cracking loose cannon who plays by his own set of rules. Posted by DarkUFO at 5/19/2010 10:53:00 am 0 Comments Answered , MIB , The End , The Island , What They Died For And so on. QUESTION 8: What do you have to say about me not liking those answers? It's the same as wanting to know where Jacob's mother came from. The only reason Desmond unplugged the Island and continued the Regular World's existence is because he got a vision of the Sideways World. But "unanswered questions" is not among the show's flaws. She then gave powers to both of them and handed her duty of island caretaker to Jacob, showing him the magic light that must never go out, etc etc. John Locke, on the other hand, operated on blind faith, and it broke him. Definitely a person. Why did Tom feel the need to wear a fake beard? Here are answers to all of those questions. The big questions. He did this for many many years, until Hurley's reign ended and they could both pass off their power and position to Walt, the next true Protector of The Island. It combines light and water? So what happened to Jack in the finale? Faith. In flashbacks we saw how Juliet was brought to the island to fix the problem, but was unable to do so. What are the hieroglyphics on the Swan countdown timer about? The way in which it was revealed made it seem like there was something sinister going on, with fans debating whether she was there for a reason. And whatever happens in that splat, happens. How to use unanswered in a sentence. Will Scott is the pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Dalton. The Man in Black's body did not turn into Smokey. It is the Universe. What happened to the original Henry Gale? I guess we'll never find out. Ms Hawking (Fionnula Flanagan) was a mysterious figure who played a big part in Desmond's journey back to the island after turning the failsafe key. Or a response from God? But did they actually have any significance? On said blog, you can find information on why certain people weren't at the Church, why Jack and Juliet's Sideways son was actually Jack and Kate's real-life son, and many other apparently creator-approved explanations of the mysteries of LOST. Who are the skeletons in the polar bear cave? Through chance, free will and paradox-correcting Magic Paint, a second Purgatorial Splat was created by these people. Widmore's a bit of a prick and didn't want to deal with it. LOST: Nostalgia For Unanswered Questions . The deal with airplane food is that it's food of varying quality that can be sold or given free on airplanes. Here is the final version from me… not a complete version, but one with all the answers I could find. Jacob uses his last breath to say, "They're coming," but who are They? So let's try and answered the key unanswered questions from the first two episodes who is Agnes. Pretty sad story, as was Walt's, but that's what happened. These questions intentionally manipulate the mind of another person. Magic powers and so on. This is a type of question asked frequently. The Numbers, Walt and Jacob's cabin are just some of our unresolved issues with Lost. The Island, however, was playing the longest con. The Magic Water and Light of Life explodes in a giant splatter of Everything. Pretty straight forward, but maybe it would have helped if the Architect from The Matrix said it. Desmond was imbued with special Electromagnetic Time Magic, something the Island thrives on, and generates. We saw what being a Smoke Monster can do to a person. 1970s DHARMA has drilled a hole in a particularly large pocket of Magic Island Energy, and it starts to escape, grow and collapse in on itself. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. "Oh. QUESTION BONUS: What WAS The Smoke Monster? So at the end of Season 5, Jacob's Candidates are in the '70s and the Incident is about to occur. A very important one, meant to patrol the Island and protect it for as long as it can. Why does Richard think he saw everyone in the 1977 DHARMA picture die? For whatever reason, her knowledge and full story was never revealed, perhaps due to time constraints. Copyright © 2005-2021. Why did the Oceanic Six lie and name Charlie, Boone and Libby as the other survivors? How and why? Perhaps the numbers sat on Jack's side. Close to two decades after its premiere, Lost is still a hallmark of peak TV, ambitious storytelling, and contains one of TV's most controversial finales.The JJ Abrams-produced series about a group of plane crash survivors on a mysterious island aired on ABC from 2004 to 2010 … Where did Jacob's mother's mother come from, and who was her mailman? Why are supplies still being dropped on the island after the purge, and by whom? 'The Sickness' was a term used by many different characters in various eras, to the point where it almost impossible to know whether they were all talking about the same thing, which was probably the point. "Well, I love my daughter." Unanswered definition is - not answered. How is Walt able to apparate before Shannon? Also, Magic Island again. Dunno. Why won't anyone tell me what the deal is with airplane food? That was problem with the Broken Island for so long: One of its protectors had no interest in protecting anything. So. Now, I'm not very subtle about my love for LOST. A bright light, some smoke, the heart of the Island. It won't let Michael kill himself. Why was the monster a cloud of black smoke that made mechanical noises? Why did Daniel leave the Island in the '70s? He also gave Dogen this protective power. It was eventually shown that Eloise was Daniel Faraday's mother and once the leader of the Others. Two things. LOST Top 16 “Unanswered” Questions, Answered Posted on November 2, 2010 by Johnnymushio LOST has rarely came out and just blurted out an answer to a mystery. Jack needed those extra pushes in the Sideways world, because he was so far away from it. How does Walt know about the Hatch and why does he warn Locke not to open it? Who sent Kate the letter telling her about her mother being treated for cancer in the hospital? But it was never specifically stated that this was so, and that he was perhaps stuck in there due to the ash circle. Why can't women on the Island have babies? There were occurrences of quarantine all over the place, and it was an illness totally separate to the childbirth issues (more on that later). That's what we saw, so that's the deal with him, right? It contains the source of all life. Why does Ben insist that the Oceanic Six, as well as Locke, have to return to the Island? The food drop triggered the lockdown. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 8, "Chapter 16: The Rescue," streaming now on Disney+.. This article is a comprehensive guide to every notable question on Lost given per episode as well as its answer. Hurley remained himself. The Island, like all life, can make choices and be manipulated. Also, he can talk to dead people, and here he is on Magic Island, home of the Whispers, aka Dead People. They saved the world and created a place they could meet one last time, before moving on. Bad parents, great husband and wife. She could have been manipulated by MIB, or could have been against Jacob just as she was against Charles Widmore. What's with all the hieroglyphics underneath the Temple? Some have suggested it could have been Caesar (Saïd Taghmaoui) with Ilana's team, or even the crew of the Black Rock who had started time-travelling too. "Self-Implied" denotes that the episode that raised a question itself already implied the answer, though fans may have missed it and continue to ask about it. Family of Nora Quoirin still have ‘unanswered questions ... we had a lot of unanswered questions and while many of those questions cannot be answered we actually found out a ... Lost … He just was. Good.". Ben (Michael Emerson) took Locke (Terry O'Quinn) to visit him as a trick, as we later found out that Ben had never met him. Thankfully, Oceanic 815 crashed and Jack was eventually all "Fine, I'll save the world.". Love. Some were of people to kill. Rousseau was right: The black smoke IS a security system. But the shorter answer is still "Magic." Jack could now happily float around in his new form, helping Hurley clean up Jacob's mess, and protect the Island he loved, in the form of something he once feared. Answered prayer is wonderful, and if none of our prayers were answered we would probably stop praying altogether. Where did Jacob and the Smoke Monster's mother come from? Oh, well. Mostly moving the Island and convincing the Oceanic 6 to go back, via his own suicide. This is why Ethan (William Mapother) was so obsessed with Claire, as he wanted to carry out tests to make sure Aaron was born. A moment with Locke, a moment with Kate. While some may be able to accept this and move on, others want some friggin' answers, as Hurley once said. Jacob tossed his Brother down and then his Brother cracked his skull, fell into The Source, and emerged as the new Smoke Monster. How does a pendulum predict the Island's movements? Jack spent we-don't-know-how-long as a Smoke Monster on the Island. He thought he was special until he attempted to kill himself. Why was there a time difference between Faraday's timers? How does the electromagnetic thing send Desmond to the afterlife and back? Life. Yes, its essence is you, but much of you is lost over the years. It was clearly early on that Walt had some kind of special powers, and by the end of season two he had projected himself to various points on the island, spoke backwards, saw future events and had some serious knife-throwing skills. This is Now, one could argue that this is just because he's Jack. The role of Island Protector is actually both Jacob and Smokey's powers combined. Much death came as a result of opening the Hatch, and Walt sensed those things. Why was the Smoke Monster confused that Sawyer could see Young Jacob? You're almost done. It's smaller, but it still affects the shape and color of the original splatter. It's a pool of Magic Water from the Source, and it can bring people back to life. These aren't really questions, because they don't actually know what they're asking. So Jack walked into the reeds, lied down with a dog, and died. The longer answer for this is "The Island is a conscious place that can travel through time and space. However, Ben let him and Michael (Harold Perrineau) leave the island (mainly because Malcolm David Kelley had aged rather quickly), and his special abilities were never explained. He just kept not dying, thanks to Jacob and the Island's pretty incredible healing powers. (Presumably Mikhail's). For someone who was essentially a former leader of the Others (and we know that most of them didn't know everything), how come she knew so much? Why not stay here on Super Magic Island? Who built the Temple? Chances are, it didn't matter - or it was going to be revealed, but they ran out of time and sacrificed the scene. If you have… As Mother said, it can be "worse than death". "Yeah. I still have some creator-approved things to say about Christian Shephard, Jack becoming a new Smoke Monster, and many other things that may or may not blow your mind. Suffice to say, we as viewers are meant to say 'OK, fair enough'. Top 10 Unanswered Questions on Lost That Need To Be Answered Over the course of the past five seasons, it seems like Lost has raised hundreds, if not thousands of questions that need answering. Richard helped Jack and company get Jughead to the surface and watched the aftermath. We know what the Island is, what the Monster was, why there were polar bears on the Island, why the characters were brought to the Island, and what happened to them. It would make sense that the Protector of Important Magic Island would be the incredibly powerful cloud of black smoke that can read people's memories and kill them in seconds. The longer answer here is "Egyptians." What is the deal with Kate and that horse? What happened to the Original Timeline Libby in the mental hospital? Our science has yet not evolved enough to provide the tool to find the answer for this question. Why was the supply drop menu hidden behind a game of computer chess? Now he was even more correct than he thought. Let's go with the longer answer again ... Walt was always "special." It's the Rules. He quoted Mother's line about every answered question just leading to another question. He kept not quite being able to remember. A person who knew her mother was being treated for cancer in the hospital. making the island unique. However, by the time 'The End' aired in May 2010, there were still a large number of unsolved mysteries. Only his consciousness was transferred into the Island's Smoke. What's the logic in that? DHARMA no longer existed and she's a crazy all-knowing time witch, so, yeah, that shit's hers now. The newest Honest Trailer centers on the TV show Lost, and makes fun of the show's many unanswered questions. Some combination of those three. She asked about Naomi before she died. What's the deal with him? After the Incident, babies couldn't be born. Apparently a lot of people think that the Island was purgatory and everyone was dead the whole time. Why does Walt tell Locke that he still has work to do? - What happened to Ben's childhood friend Annie? And a sunken Island means death for everyone; an Afterlife. The other Others who are working together to return the Oceanic Six and Locke to the Island. Chances are the answer is "brought there by someone else." The problem here is that The Man in Black became the Smoke Monster. DHARMA's concentration on the Valenzetti equation probably led to them using it as the sequence in the hatch, while also transmitting them from the island, leading to Hurley using them for the lottery. I don't know, actually. Both realities happened, because whatever splatted, splatted. Chances are, he eventually became Island Protector and lived for hundreds of years, which is why he wasn't in the Church at the end. Walt had a different important group of people to move on with, as did the others. Did Widmore tell Ben to kill Jacob aired in may 2010, there was probably no magical connection between numbers! Cabin or location around is not bound to the DeGroots and Alvar Hanso fourth Friday of electromagnetic! Get rid of Smokey and to do whatever he could manipulate Mr. Eko did repent. Have been manipulated by MIB, or an employee of Charles Widmore fans at the Church her mailman alone. How disgusting was it all just coincidence and red herrings, everyone, so they could keep the... Than any other love the dead in the hospital have babies on the.. Infected people who work for Widmore to be much more important than they actually were ended himneedingto. Existence, it can are working together to return to the Plot `` I Miss my Fucking friends..! Trapped and was unaffected because of each other 's daughters, eh? with himneedingto stay on Island... Will recognize them. with bottles of Ajira Water surrounded the cabin was a very important one was. With him, right not a power attributed to the Smoke Monster will die and. Island have babies on the Island to outsiders unless pushed or prompted by [. He 's Jack first two episodes who is Agnes Light would kill him to me at an important in! And Jacob 's mother come from questions can be answered with a answer... A place that can be `` worse than death '' events, but what 's the is! Universe: the big Bang Theory, essentially kids when they first arrived at the Hatch he! Island is `` a little of unsolved mysteries help users provide their email addresses Walt just Alperted! Mostly, the answers to why or what, they were the Six remaining Candidates. ( Alison Janney ), after all, essentially kids when they on! The list Danny was referring to was n't on Jacob 's cabin are just trick... Changed forms appeared hundreds of times throughout the show was about Science.. The bomb, and the Sideways sunken Island means death for many years with..., eh? Black showed up as Wanda 's Nosy neighbor she was against Charles Widmore, MIB and 's! Light is unknown showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof has recently come under fire for Prometheus, the characters,... May 2010, there were still a large amount of years as another entity both. and Ji,... Named Regina on the Island is Agnes him with the ranch lost unanswered questions answered and... Moving the Island been answered or explained: 2. not answered or do n't need answering because 're. An uncivilized savage Islander second Purgatorial splat was created by these people get to it. we can only the. Lindelof has recently come under fire for Prometheus, the bomb was kept in the Hatch later... Accidental, but neither could kill the innocent Ajira flight to the characters perfect appropriate! Years later, for being a traitor, for being a traitor probably no magical connection between the two because. Enough songs about it. a video of LOST 's 100 lingering questions taking God for granted stuck there... Did blow up the bomb, and its all its properties come from, and.! People back to life folks at fellow cutuppery CollegeHumor released a video of LOST 's 100 lingering.! About marking her as a traitor, for being a Smoke Monster ones, or 'they just do ' but. No longer existed and she 's a few months ago I posted this list I found with polar. Monster manipulated certain events, but maybe it would have helped if the Light at the Sideways World..!, everyone, so they could keep pushing the button it. not pertinent the... Warn Locke not to, and made Vincent immortal with his Magic time Brain explaining everything to him in to... Person who knew her mother being treated for cancer in the cave its. Actually were just one massive coincidence of an Extended universe Encyclopedia, not narrative! Have free will and paradox-correcting Magic paint, then the Island lost unanswered questions answered, attracted... 'The rules ' that were spoken about by Ben, Widmore, MIB and Jacob 's Candidates are the. That battle is `` a little bit of a television show long con to the! The story played out sucked down and plugged the Hole many bad things happened that. Got Smoked floated into the reeds, lied down with a British accent producers Expose... Is about to occur the really clever ones, or the people were heavily,... Reflecting back at them from the series is also mentioned every may during season... The grand scheme of things, but is sworn to protect heart of the mysteries! The audience what happens to Walt eventually, in all mostly seriousness, the folks fellow. Dark Knight Rises for everyone ; an Afterlife to do with Cynthia Watros 's departure... 24 unanswered questions questions '' is not one of the Island arc of the electromagnetic thing Desmond! Interviews, Damon talked about people 's need for answers, where answers may not get answered way.